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A Chance To Learn The Habits Of The World's Most Successful

We are on a mission to give our participants the best tools for success in every aspect of life that matters.

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The 5 Core Areas


Change never lasts unless we build the habits to sustain it. That is the core message of Empowermotion.

  • The issue with all big changes is that for them to become a part of your life they need to become a habit. They need to be daily muscle memory just like brushing your teeth.

  • It takes 21 days to implement a habit and 60 days not to lose it. That is why our core curriculum is a 70-80 day programme.
  • We’ll make sure the key habits stay with you long after you have completed the training.


Your tailored plan to achieve financial freedom.

  • Financial literacy covering all the basics of investing towards financial independence.

  • Understanding different options at different stages of life.
  • Building and automating your personal financial architecture.
  • Implementing financial habits that ensure you will reach your goals.


Figure out how to work to your strengths not just on your weaknesses.

  • Your purpose and how to find it.

  • Your identity and what that means in terms of your strengths, weaknesses and work.
  • Motivation and how to maintain it.
  • Achieving a state of highly focused flow.


Achieving the energy levels of the worlds highest performers.

  • How to maximise your energy throughout the day.

  • Implementing habits for physical fitness that are sustainable outside of one-off programmes.
  • Implementing habits for sleep and nutrition conducive to sustainably high performance


Achieving high mental performance by learning to adopt the mindset of winners.

  • How to find your focus and how to refocus at the snap of your fingers – literally.

  • Best in class Time Management.
  • Building and automating your personal financial architecture.
  • How to choose your Must Win Battles and to be sure to achieve them every day.


Hear What Past Participants Have To Say

London life can be draining. Empowermotion helped me to disconnect from my phone use habit in the evenings. I now read books daily – a habit I had when I was younger and which is now back!
Eugenia Valloreo
Business Development Administrator
I’m more confident, structured, organised and determined in what I do. I’m glad to know that many others will also benefit from this course just like I did. You guys are doing a great job and you’re making a real positive impact on peoples’ lives. Keep at it!
Wei-Hua Louis HU
Project Manager
I have come away with life long habits that will guide my decision making for years to come! Going through this journey with other inspiring and motivated people has made this process even more enjoyable and rewarding!
Michael Smith
Student, University of Oxford
Being part of Empowermotion was a greatly insightful experience . The program helped me to break out of my comfort zone and to go after the things I truly want to achieve in life. I feel confident in my future after mapping out my goals, planning how to achieve them and putting in place long term strategies and habits to stay goal focused.
Lefterica Zhidro
Finance & Accounting Specialist
“I had a vague, 5 year career dream. In six weeks in Empowermotion that dream turned into an actionable plan – with a 1 year horizon.
Noora Saksa
I had attempted a habit transformation a few times before with less than satisfactory results. Empowermotion helped me to achieve a significant breakthrough with their style of coaching.
Claudia Dilly
HR Manager
“I had a solid foundation of good habits already. Sometimes we forget the simplest things. Empowermotion helped me focus on my sleep habits and I have achieved even better clarity of thought and higher energy levels as a result.
Eeva Lapila
Empowermotion was life changing for me. The Must Win Battles method has brought clarity and speed of execution to many of my goals
Jamie Walker
tattoo artist & entrepreneur

I'm more productive. I'm more positive. I jump out of bed in the morning. I cannot recommend it enough.

-- Anton Voronin

Safety and Environmental Coordinator, Canada

Empowermotion has given structure to my days, increasing the necessity of short-term goal planning which has made me a more driven person.

-- Céline Lopes

Customer Success Manager, France

Empowermotion is a package of tips that will help you become the best achieving version of yourself.

-- Katariina Lampi

Student, Finland

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