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We are on a mission to give your employees the best tools for success in every aspect of life that matters. It is a chance for them to embed and apply the habits of the world’s most successful.

Why Empowermotion for your organization?

Our Experience

Empowermotion is the outcome of over 15 years of stage-, sports-, and corporate performance experience.

From initiation, it was always intended to be easy to understand and implement for participants and organisations across any business sector, while highly effective in its outcomes.

Everyone that participants meet, whether it be one of our coaches or specialists, has been chosen because of their relevant real life experiences, as well as their pedagogical and didactic abilities.

Real people working in real organisations with extensive and real work and career experience.

So, in other words; the tools we give participants are ones we actively us ourselves.

How Empowermotion Works

A change takes 21 days to take hold. A habit takes 60.
This is why Empowermotion is a 70 day programme.

We make the habits stick through modifying the methodology "Present, Practice, Produce."

We will make sure the key habits stay with participants long after they have completed the training.

Your Coaches

Introducing your primary coaches – with a further 11 specialist coaches at your disposal ranging from Personal Finance to Team Building and Life Coaching
Hery Henry
Former Big4 Consultant. Entrepreneur. Moderator
Picture of Empowermotion leader coach, Hery Christian Henry
Image of coach Krista Tukiainen
Krista Tukiainen
National Team Athlete, Certified Nutritionist & PT. Former Consultant. Leader in the London Financial Services Industry


Indicative based on long term development plan for participants.
Testing and needs analysis
£45 per person
Open Group Coaching
(e.g. joining public Empowermotion Cohort)
£990 per semester
sold in packages of 10 sessions à 120min
Closed Group Coaching
£60 per person per session
sold in packages of 15 sessions à 90 min
Individual Coaching
per 90 min session
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